Fado Vivo


Fado Vivo is a limited edition released to mark the 2nd anniversary of De Molenberg Distillery.

This edition is a special blend of single malt whisky aged for 2 years in Tawny Port casks (75%) with a few 'Anker' casks of varying ages selected from the different ageing rooms (25%). These Portuguese cask, previously used for over 6 years to mature port wines, provide the 2-year finish after earlier ageing for 3 years in traditional ex-Bourbon casks.

Just as the Portuguese ‘Fado’ music genre effortlessly expresses a range of different emotions, so this ruby-red whisky combines the powerful taste (‘Vivo’) of grain and oak with the gentle warmth of port wine and ripe fruit, enhanced by subtle hints of cinnamon and honey.


  • Belgian Single Malt Whisky
    Alc./Vol. 46%
    50 cl
  • De Molenberg Distillery - Belgium – 2nd Anniversary Edition –
  • Tawny Port casks (75%) – 'Anker' casks (25%)
  • Grain, oak with hints of port wine and ripe fruit
  • Serve with a drop of pure, chilled water